Nick Arrojo

With thirty+ years as a hairdresser, Nick has become a modern icon of the industry. His signature razor-cutting technique is recognized and practiced worldwide. It is part of a modern and creative, precision-based hairdressing method pioneered by Nick to create beautiful, wearable hair for clients.

Morocan Oil

The purpose of Moroccanoil Education is to return to the essential foundation and refined art of styling to create truly beautiful hair. Our inspiration flows in the work we create at fashion shows and from our creative collaborations with world-renowned runway and editorial stylists.

Gerd Hoher (artease™)

Gerd Hoher was able to create the kind of line he had always dreamed of. Finally, in March of 2008 Hoher launched, artease®colors in the USA. Hoher’s philosophy has always been based on strong education in all aspects: hairdressing, hair cutting, coloring, customer service and retailing.

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