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 According to Webster Dictionary the word Hubris

(hyu-bres / n) means: 1: exaggerated pride or self-confidence. When you leave the salon, you will fully understand the name because you will look and feel great!

Hello darlin's!

 I am originally from England and swam across the pond to Guam then Atlanta.


I have been doing hair since I was 7 years old - lol my poor granddad was one of my favorite clients to work on!

I specialise in all types of hair colour from grey coverage to baby pink and everything in between.  Colour is one of my favorite services to work with my clients on!

 I love continuing my education by attending many different types of advanced training programs.  I am passionate and committed to furthering my education so I can always keep up with the latest techniques and trends for my new salon guests (as well as my established clients)

I provide an extensive consultation to achieve your desired look. I have my own private suite where I can focus on each client one on one in a relaxing and private atmosphere. 

I live in Kennesaw Georgia married to Gary (aka Puddin) and have (4) grown kids (thank goodness!!!)  2 boys and 2 girls.

 If you ask anyone (or ask me) I am always into the next new crazy fitness program and wondering where I can get the next no calorie wings from...